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Ventilation is an important element for all building designs. Breezway is the forefront of louvre window technology and design. Stylish, versatile, energy efficient and totally customizable, Breezway Louvres make sure you stay comfortable by allowing free air into every room of your home or office at any time of the day. Breezway Louvres provides maximum ventilation, where they provide very little resistance to the air entering through the window opening. Thus, this gives you twice the effect of much natural air ventilation compared to a sliding or top hung window.

✓ Energy Efficient Window Solution

Altair® Window Louvres are an environmentally sustainable alternative to fixed lite panels for maximising the flow of natural light and fresh breezes into a building. Energy rated, Altair Louvres can improve indoor airflow and significantly reduce the need for artificial cooling and lighting systems. By placing Altair Louvres on internal walls, fresh air can further ventilate throughout the interior of the building, whilst providing a connection to the outside environment to enhance the occupant’s daily experience with the space.

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Palmair™ Window Louvres The Palmair Louver is ideal for people that want a simple and economical Do It Yourself or DIY window replacement solution.

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✓ An Automated Window System

Powerlouvre™ Windows displays pure elegance with no visual indication of any external rods or automated device making this product a stylish option for contemporary residential or commercial building designs. An Automated Window System developed to reach heights up to 2.7 metres and quietly opens to 87.5 degrees, automatically stopping at the fully open and fully closed positions or can be stopped in any intermediate position throughout the open/close cycle, the Powerlouvre Windows is ideal for out-of-reach locations to allow hot air to escape quickly with a simple press of a button.

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✓ Built for Strength and Durability

Easyscreen™ Window System: Outside Screen Applications Ideal for apartments, bungalows or any other project where fresh air and energy efficient control of the building environment is important, the Easyscreen is an integrated window system specifically designed for use with Altair Louvres, resulting in high wind and water penetration performance. The system is suitable for external screen applications, where the system complements the full range of Altair features including Powerlouvre, handle options as well as fixed lite bays, externally fixed screening, security bars and a high strength design for monsoonal regions. By using aluminium or frosted glass blades you can provide privacy and the tight sealing of Altair Louvres means that conversations can remain private.

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Slimline™ Window System: Narrow Frame Applications
The Slimline Window System is great for installation near doorways or in internal walls to allow fresh air to circulate throughout the house and encourage better breeze-paths to keep your home feeling comfortable. By using aluminium or frosted glass blades you can provide privacy and the tight sealing of Altair Louvres means that conversations can remain private.

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Are you looking for ways to improve your windows? Browse our selection of Ideas Books to assist you in your design enquiry.

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